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Computerized Tomography (CT)

3D imaging of your pet.

At Best Friends Animal Hospital, we utilize a Toshiba Aquilion 16-slice helical computed tomography (CT) machine.  A CT works by using rotating x-ray technology to take multiple cross-sectional pictures that represent slices of a patient’s body.  These images are viewed individually and can be combined together for a three-dimensional model.

We utilize the CT scanner most commonly to image the spine and head but is also used for the abdomen, chest, and musculoskeletal system.  This scanner allows us to rapidly visualize complex regions of the body and develop the best possible treatment plans.  The three-dimensional images are very helpful aids for making the CT findings more understandable to clients.

Our CT scans are read by Dr. Ken Waller, a veterinary radiologist at the University of Wisconsin and results are available the next day (or sooner if requested).

Fun Fact: Our CT machine makes a cricket “chirping” noise when acquiring images, it was made in Japan where crickets are good luck.

CT of LungCT of Skull

Call us at (406) 255-0500 for more information regarding our CT Scanner.

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