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Blood Transfusions

At Best Friends Animal Hospital and Urgent Care Center we are able to provide life-saving blood transfusions to dogs and cats to treat symptoms of anemia caused by disease, surgery, toxicity, or trauma.

The goal of blood transfusion is to treat symptoms caused by anemia by replacing red blood cells so that proper oxygenation of organs can occur. Blood transfusions are most often used in acute situations such as acute hemolysis (breakdown of red blood cells) or blood loss, but can also be used for chronic conditions such as immune-mediated hemolytic anemia or chronic kidney disease.

Blood transfusions are administered by a veterinarian and do not require anesthesia. At Best Friends Animal Hospital and Urgent Care Center the patient will be screened prior to the transfusion and cross-matched with the donor blood to determine compatibility. This is especially important in cats and dogs that have had prior blood transfusions. The patient is monitored closely in case of adverse reaction by our veterinary nurses throughout the four hours of transfusion. Once the transfusion is completed our staff will check the patient’s vital signs and perform blood tests to monitor the resolution of the anemia.

We are fortunate to provide this service due to our canine and feline blood donor programs. If interested in determining if your pet could be a blood donor please reach out to us at (406) 255-0500.

Blood Transfusions for pets

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