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A critical tool in the diagnosis and management of cardiac issues.

An electrocardiogram (ECG, or EKG, using the German spelling) is a recording of the electrical impulses that are generated when the heart is beating. When any irregular heart rhythm is detected on clinical examination, an electrocardiogram should be performed. The small electrical impulses generated by the heart are amplified 3,000 or more times and recorded by the ECG machine. An ECG can detect disturbances in the heartbeat or heart rhythm and allow your veterinarian to diagnose many types of heart diseases.

An ECG is a simple, non-invasive test to perform. Your pet is usually placed in a standing or lying position and electrodes are attached to the elbows and knees. A conducting gel or liquid is applied to improve electrical conduction between the dog’s skin and the electrodes. The ECG machine merely records the electrical impulses from the dog. There are no unpleasant sensations nor is there any danger to the pet.

Only the best for your pet

Here at Best Friends Animal Hospital and Urgent Care Center, we understand the importance of an accurate diagnosis. That is why every patient receives an electrocardiogram (an ECG) prior to surgery.

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