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Perseverance is the best word to describe why Zip is our Pet in the Spotlight. Poor Zip was tragically injured in December of 2011 when an unauthorized tractor entered her ranch and ran her over her hind end. She sustained multiple extensive soft tissue and orthopedic injuries. When she arrived to Best Friends Animal Hospital, we knew her recovery, if possible, would be a long and expensive road. Despite this difficult prognosis, Zip’s owners wanted to try to save her.

The first step in Zip’s recovery was getting her soft tissues to heal. She had a very large contaminated skin flap that essentially exposed the entire inside of her hind leg and belly. It took many soft tissue procedures and around the clock care for weeks to accomplish this feat. Even after she went home, her parents continued her wound care for several weeks

After her soft tissues had healed, the next step was two orthopedic procedures. The first, a tarsal arthrodesis, was needed to fuse her ankle joint. Months later, after recovering, she had her second orthopedic surgery to correct her injured and rotated knee. Both were major surgeries requiring several days of hospitalization and much at-home care.

We are happy to report that Zip is now home on her ranch “zipping” around. She still has a limp when she really runs, but survived and kept her leg. If not for such devoted “parents,” Zip could never have recovered.