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Spooky is our Pet in the Spotlight for several reasons! First, he was a complex medical and surgical case who challenged our diagnostic, medical, and surgical skills. Second, he is a sweet little guy who is full of spunk and love. Third, Spooky has wonderful “parents” who take excellent care of him and were committed to solving his problem!

Spooky came to us in March 2011 because he had a sudden onset of bleeding from his right nostril. We tested his blood clotting – which was normal, but a pink discharge persisted from his right nostril. Approximately a week later, we anesthetized and used an endoscope to visualize the front and back of the nasal cavity (rhinoscopy). A small whitish object was removed and both nostrils were flushed. The nasal discharge improved with his post-operative medications, but did not resolve completely. Here is a picture of poor Spooky:

Spooky 1

In mid-April, when his nasal discharge increased and turned mucoid, he was anesthetized again for rhinoscopy and repeated flushing. Skull and nasal x-rays were als sent to a radiologist for review. The radiologist at Colorado State saw a thickening on the right side of his caudal nasal passage and recommended a CT or MRI. Spooky then underwent a MRI which showed a suspicious area in the right nasal consistent with inflammation or a foreign body. Fortunately, it did rule out any fungal or cancerous process! Since we were most suspicious of a foreign object – plant material or piece of food, we performed yet another rhinoscopy of the right nasal passage with copious flushing to see if a foreign object could be dislodged. None was found.

On July 5, Dr. Smith performed a surgical approach to the nasal cavity through the roof of the mouth (rhinotomy) in an attempt to locate and remove a lodged foreign body. To our surprise and amazement, he removed half of a peanut! Below is a picture of Spooky at surgery (where’s waldo under all the drapes):

Spooky 2

At recheck 10 days later, Spooky is doing great and finally has NO nasal discharge. His owners report that peanuts are present in the wild bird feed they use – they have since moved the food out of Spooky’s reach. This was a challenging diagnostic case and shows the patience and perseverance do yield results!

Spooky 3