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Conditions Treated

Diagnosing a variety of dermatologic conditions.

At Best Friends Animal Hospital and Urgent Care Center, our veterinary dermatologist, Dr. Schissler, treats and diagnoses a variety of conditions for both otology (ears) and dermatology (skin) for cats and dogs.


Itch (scratching, rubbing, biting, licking, chewing of the body, ears, feet, rear)
Skin infections
Parasites of the skin and ears
Hair loss, poor coat
Anal, perianal, and vulvar conditions
Autoimmune and sterile inflammatory skin conditions
Ulcerative, crusting, and depigmenting dermatoses
Nasal planum (nose leather) diseases
Foot and footpad diseases
Nail conditions
Nodular dermatoses
Skin mass diagnosis and staging

Ear itch, inflammation, infection
Middle and inner ear infections
Ear tumor diagnosis and staging
Ear polyps

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