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We are so happy to introduce you to sweet Ebony – our new pet in the spotlight!

Ebony is a 7 year old female Welsh Corgi, whom we met on August 11, 2014. Poor Ebony had suffered severe vehicular trauma and her owners brought her to Best Friends Animal Hospital after receiving a very poor prognosis elsewhere. Her examination and x-rays revealed numerous pelvic fractures and severe abdominal herniation. She couldn’t stand, she had significant bruising on her entire hind end, and you could palpate her bladder outside her abdominal wall. Despite the severity of her injuries, Ebony was as sweet as can be.

After consultation with Dr. Smith, who does our orthopedic procedures, the owners were faced with a very tough decision. An attempt at repair would involve several surgeries and a significant financial investment, with no guarantee of a successful outcome. Lucky for Ebony, her owners wanted to move forward with treatment.

Ebony had three significant surgeries. The first two were orthopedic procedures to repair her pelvic fractures. The last surgery was to replace her abdominal contents and repair her severely torn abdominal wall. After her procedures, she began her long road to recovery.

Ebony’s post-operative care/recovery consisted of pain relief medications, therapeutic laser sessions, acupuncture, physical therapy sessions (including massage and hydrotherapy), and lots of love.  Her improvement was slow, but she never gave up and neither did her parents, doctors, or technicians.

Ebony went home on September 11, 2014 to continue at-home recovery and therapy. It is amazing what can be done when you combine good surgery, medicine, alternative care, good patients and good people. We love Miss Ebony!

Here are latest videos of Ebony in October: