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At Best Friends Animal Hospital and Urgent Care Center, we provide help for virtually any pet care problem. We also work with veterinary specialists when your pet has special needs.

We have a visiting board certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Steve Roberts, who sees ophthalmology cases at our clinic approximately every 2-3 months. Dr. Roberts has been board certified in ophthalmology since 1984 and currently owns and operates the Animal Eye Center in Loveland, Colorado. To schedule an ophthalmology appointment or check on Dr. Robert’s availability, please call (970-461-0909). His appointments tend to book quickly, so allow ample time for scheduling.

Our digital imaging systems allow for quick and easy diagnosis of difficult x-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans. With the push of a button, we can send your pet’s images to a board certified radiologist and have an expert report within a few hours! This allows us to quickly diagnose and begin the correct treatment for your pet.

We offer a variety of orthopedic procedures, from fracture repairs to cruciate ligament fixation. For fractures, we offer bone plating in addition to more traditional methods such as pins and wires.  We offer TPLOs for cruciate ligament injuries and disk surgery for intervertebral disk disease.  We offer advanced soft tissue surgery including persistant right aortic arch correction, patent ductus arteriosus repair, liver shunt repair, diaphragmatic hernia repair, and liver and lung lobe resection.

For difficult medicine cases, our veterinarians often consult board certified specialists through Phoenix Laboratories, or via personal communication. This allows for expert opinions and diagnostic plans without leaving Billings.