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Mixed Breed DNA Test

Mixed Breed DNA

This is my dog, Maya. We met during our shelter spay/neuter program during my training at Cornell University. With a face like this, you can easily see how I couldn’t resist adopting her from the local shelter.

Although I always thought she was some soft of Labrador mix, I always wondered what other breeds were part of her mix. When a commercial DNA test was available, I submitted her blood for analysis. The results showed that she is 50% Siberian Husky, 25% Labrador Retriever, and 25% Cocker Spaniel. It makes sense to me now – she has many behavioral characteristics of a Husky (and has the curly tail), the looks of a Labrador, and some Cocker in her face AND behavior.

At Best Friends Animal Hospital, we offer a DNA test which detects over 200 breeds that could be part of your mixed breed dog’s heritage. All that is required is a simple blood sample which we ship to the laboratory and results are generally available in two weeks. Information gained can help you better understand your dog’s breed make up, which can help you target behavior training, be smarter about nutritional planning, and plan exercises that make the dog happy. For me, it has led to insight on why my own dog’s behavior and satisfied my curiosity of what breeds she can from.

Call our office 255-0500 with any questions or to schedule an appointment for the DNA test.

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